Profile: NorthWest Culinary Academy of Vancouver


"We believe that only a chef designed, chef administrated, and chef owned school - very much like a chef owned fine dining restaurant, free of management restrictions - can best provide a personalized and evolving experience for its students."

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    2725 Main Street
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    V5T 3E9



    About Us
    The Northwest Academy is a unique and progressive chef training school built, owned, and operated by its dedicated chef instructors.

    Our curriculums were designed from the student perspective. We concluded that if we were to start all over in the field as students - based on what we now know as ex-students, apprentices, professional chefs, and experienced chef instructors - we would want to be taught in a school that:

    has instructors that are passionate, enthusiastic, inspiring, attentive, well connected to the industry, and, most importantly, qualified to TEACH. A school is only as good as its instructors!
    acknowledges and addresses the diverse backgrounds and histories of its students and their varying personal reasons to study this fascinating art and science.
    focuses its intensive curriculum on greater hands-on skills and necessary aptitudes to succeed in various avenues in this field.
    creates a challenging learning environment of exciting energy, intense work ethic, study, creativity, and teamwork.
    offers programs that are affordable, practical, and condensed - without fillers.

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