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Culinary Training from the California Culinary Academy

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    625 Polk Street
    San Francisco, CA

    Fax: 415-775-5129


    Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry Arts, Hospitality & Restaurant Management

    Celebrating over 25 Years of Culinary Excellence

    About Us

    At California Culinary Academy, a tradition of excellence awaits you. Founded as one of the West’s first culinary arts schools, California Culinary Academy has been committed to providing the highest standard of culinary arts and personal chef training since 1977, giving the student unparalleled instruction in both classical and contemporary techniques as well as educating the senses. Now we’re partnering with Le Cordon Bleu, a world-renowned culinary and hospitality institute, to enhance our culinary program and to offer hospitality and restaurant management training.

    Our Unique Location

    In addition to benefiting from the finest hospitality and culinary arts training program available today, the Academy student also profits from our unique location in San Francisco. As an Academy student, you’ll find San Francisco is much more than cable cars and spectacular views. The city boasts one of the largest concentrations of restaurants and hotels in the country, giving us a great pool of resources when handpicking our instructors and selecting establishments for externships. Plus, the surrounding Northern California valleys produce the finest ingredients for our future chefs, from fresh produce and free-range meats to exceptional wines and specialty cheeses.


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